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The night scene is always huge, and growing fast in the major cities and towns of the United Kingdom. Of course, Portmouth is no exception, and is really far from being one. The vibrand center of the nightlife of Portsmouth is welcoming people to a warm atmosphere of good drinks and good times shared with friends. Nothing can beat the traditional alcoholic culture of Great Britain, and perhaps there is no place in the isles where it shines more clearly than in the night scene of Portsmouth. 

But, where to get started from? You will be easily lost amongst all the offers and venues in this city. Which ones are good? Which ones are bad? Which ones are not what they seem to be?

You know that the best way to know if a place you've never been to, is getting good references. And who can give better references than the best someliers and nightcrawlers? Good news is that we have them all here, at Pubs Portsmouth.

We have the best guide of pubs and bars in Portsmouth!

Let people who know the night scene of our city tell you which ones are the best pubs. Hit the nail every night with our complete reviews of over 50 bars and nightclubs in Portsmouth and the surrounding area. We will tell you what is the best and the worst of each pub, why, which drinks you should order and which ones you should not, what are the best night shows and dance halls, and how to get there from all major points in Portsmouth and other places.

We also have a Stag & Hen section that you really should check if you are going to plan a stag or hen do in Portsmouth - which is something you definitely should! Find the best stag and hen friendly pubs, buy the best drinks, and even get some coupons for extra surprises and big discounts in our featured night venues.

Scroll our News feed to learn about the most recently opened pubs in Portsmouth, our top ten and top five lists, food and drink recommendations, and more. Also, learn about how to make cocktails, tips for night drinking and other useful information for the spirit lover.

Visit our city now and taste the finest ales and drinks in the United Kingdom!

Every city has something to proud about. We have more than one thing, certainly, but one of those things is definitely our pub selection. Be it for a stag or hen do, a night of flirting or just some time out with your friends, nothin tops the pubs in Portsmouth, and you should discover why! Try the best of our night scene by choosing our top selection of pubs. Contact us now to get personalized recommendations and special group discounts. Also, read our blog to find the most useful information for alcohol lovers. If it is good, and it is in Portsmouth, you can be sure that you will find it here.

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"I have always been the guy with bad luck with pubs. I just kept choosing the bad ones, it was some kind of curse. Thanks God I found Pubs Portsmouth, it changed my fate. Now I can drink the way anyone shoud."
Andy Wyland

Happy Client

Good thing they were not drunk enough to forget!

"Pubs Portsmouth is a very recommendable online guide. Its reviews are highly accurate and its correspondents are clearly trained to analyze the quality of venues and alcoholic products. We will include it in our top list."